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Who We Are and How We Came To Be

Hard Ball Chemical Company manufactures and markets specialty carpet cleaning and carpet protection chemicals for use by professional carpet cleaning contractors. The company was founded years ago out of an idea that there must be a better way to clean carpeting, and that the products, information, and philosophy commonly used in the industry are self-serving to the chemical manufacturers, and not in the professional carpet cleaners best interest.

Mike has been a successful Carpet, Furniture, Drapery and Building cleaner since 1958. He currently operates a multi-truck Carpet and Furniture cleaning business in Lincoln, IL.

Over the years, Mike has continually searched for answers to better, more efficient, more cost-effective cleaning products and methods. Just like many of you, he has had a garage full of partially used or never used samples of products and equipment that dont perform as advertised. Frankly, he was thoroughly disgusted with the entire carpet cleaning industry, and its apparent we dont care attitude relative to the small, independent, entrepreneurial cleaning operation.

Bob has been manufacturing cleaning chemicals for over 20 years. In the late 80s and early 90s he was involved in the development of environmentally responsible industrial process cleaning solvents which are used by electronics, aerospace, and precision cleaning industries. We have used what was learned in the development of those products to develop the truly effective, safe to use, environmentally responsible professional carpet and furniture cleaning products available today.

Our specialty cleaning chemicals for Carpets and Furniture have been produced after years of research, some trial and error, lots of money spent, and a few false starts.

Our Chemical Production Philosophy is simple:

1. Create Quality Chemicals that are time and money saving.
2. Each chemical must be able to provide you with a variety of possible uses.
3. Each chemical must be as concentrated as chemically possible to provide you with cost-efficient work tools.
4. Each chemical must be as safe and trouble free to use as is possible.
5. The line of chemicals will remain short, to enable us to bring you the best value possible without sacrificing quality at any step in the process. We refuse to over-extend our product line for no other reason than to have the biggest catalog.
6. It is our responsibility to provide you with every possible aid in using our chemicals efficiently, safely, and cost effectively.
7. We stand TOTALLY behind every product, every procedure, and every concept. We are here to help YOUR business succeed.
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