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Important Points About Pow-R-Pak

SAFE for ALL fabrics, fixtures, hard surfaces, etc.

SAFE for you or your employees to use.

SAFE for the inhabitants of the facility being cleaned.

  1. CONCENTRATED to give you extra cleaning power with lower dilution ratios. You are not paying for water.

  2. NATURAL COLOR BRIGHTENING for all fabrics, and shiny hard surfaces. Excellent for oriental rugs, or highly colored couch and chair fabrics.

  3. HIGHLY WATER REACTIVE therefore, in most cases, a little more water than ordinary will make the job "work" better.

  4. RINSE FREE & NON-RESIDUAL in lower dilution ratios. In bonnet cleaning, for example, many customers use Pow-R-Pak at a dilution of 1 Oz. per gallon of water for maintenance type cleaning.

  5. DUPLICATABLE results make it extremely easy to train employees to do a myriad of different cleaning tasks using Pow-R-Pak as the only chemical. Cost savings to you can be enormous because of this one single factor. Eliminating problems requiring correction, or lengthy training times, can lower your cost factor dramatically.

  6. SIDE BENEFIT is that there is a certain amount of natural enzyme activity that occurs whenever Pow-R-Pak is around organic, odor producing soils. This is especially true of urine contamination. You will find that by totally flooding the contaminated area with diluted Pow-R-Pak that you will be able to reduce the odor sometimes even completely eradicating it.

  7. BONUS APPLICATION increases sales because Pow-R-Pak can be used as a laundry pre-spray at a high dilution ratio because of the complete rinsing activity of the washing machine. This is a benefit to be exploited with your customers. We have spray bottles available for you to put mixed Pow-R-Pak into – for a really profitable add-on sale.

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