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Q & A About Pow-R-Pak Pre-Spray
Your Questions Answered By Mike

  • How Is Pow-R-Pak Pre-Spray Different?

    Pow-R-Pak Pre-Spray is a blend of 1/3 Synthetic Limonene Solvent in a Micro-Emulsion so as to be water-soluble. Another 1/3 is a blend of 3 high tech emulsifiers which when blended together, and coupled with the synthetic limonene solvent, create a synergistic action (1 + 1 = 3). The solvent base breaks through the greasy, oily binders, and the 3 emulsifiers suspend a huge soil load for removal from the carpet. Pow-R-Pak contains only natural enzymes in small quantities, but they do have an affect on making your effort easier. The Natural enzyme action also creates various levels of odor modification when using either Pow-R-Pak OR Solvent Fabric Protector. This additional benefit gives you some powerful marketing ammo to use creatively in marketing YOUR services to customers and prospects alike.

    Our resident scientist guru tells me that this formulation is designed to go right to the soil load upon application. The Pow-R-Pak formula, even at 2 Oz. Per gallon dilution, immediately locks on to all soil loads on the fabric to be cleaned. This means that in most cases, you can begin to clean immediately and get outstanding results.

    It also means that ALL the power of the solution is concentrated on total and immediate soil suspension for quick, efficient removal.

    The concentration of Pow-R-Pak Pre-Spray makes it an extremely economical product to use. Your use dilution is 2 – 4 Oz. per Gallon of Hot Water.

    I have run some numbers on this, and they are really good. If you would do as many as 7 jobs (average 2-3 or 3-4 room jobs) and you used Power Powder as your emulsifier-rinse additive (10 Oz. per 5 gallon chemical jug), and you were using a Hydro-Force™ for application of the Pow-R-Pak Pre-Spray, your chemical cost for the Day would be just over $6.00, and you would have 2 more days of use left in your Hydro-Force.

    If you were using a pump-up sprayer, your cost would be just under $7.00 for the day, however, you would not have extra days left in your pump-up sprayer.

    If you use a Hydro-Force with the normal disk in place, you will use the following formula: 4 Oz. dilution – 36 Oz. of Pow-R-Pak; 3 Oz. dilution – 27 Oz. of Pow-R-Pak; 2 Oz. dilution – 18 Oz. of Pow-R-Pak.

    Hot water increases the chemical action dramatically.

    The addition of 1 ˝ Oz. of Power Powder to 1 gallon mixed also gives you increased cleaning power.

    You may even want to try adding 2 Oz. of dissolved Power Powder to your Hydro-Force when you mix your solution. The synergy of Pow-R-Pak and Power Powder working together is amazing to experience. So try it, and see how it works for you.

  • I Have Always Heard That Soil Is Acid And Must Be Cleaned With An Alkaline Cleaning Solution. But You Are Saying Pow-R-Pak Is On The Acid Side pH. How Does It Work?

    I call this information the "Incomplete Story".

    The actual facts are these…

    Yes, most soil is acid in nature, and responds well to alkaline type cleaners…

    But Now – for the rest of the story…

    Soils, which are acid OR alkaline in nature, will ALSO respond to being revived, or regenerated, with a cleaning solution of the same pH. And if you have the ability to suspend this revived soil load with an emulsifier, you can remove this soil load with any extraction-absorption method.

    WE have replaced the alkaline action, which is one-sided, and in some extreme cases very injurious to fabric and technician alike, with Solvent. Solvent in a Micro-emulsion so that it will perform in water. Solvent, which is not one-sided, but is multi-dimensional, and will attack almost any soil load except sugar based soil. (And we have 3 emulsifiers which do this for you.)

    Solvent, which is safe for fabrics, and user alike. (Talking high alkalines, and low acids, here.) Think about your spotting procedures for a moment.

    If you have an unknown spot, and you are going to attempt removal, what is the first chemical that you try? The answer should be – a solvent. Then in order, the rest of the procedure: detergent, mild alkaline spotter, mild acid spotter.

    We believe that you can get an over all better sustained cleaning action by NOT bouncing the pH up to mid-range alkalines, and then back down to mid-range acids. There is absolutely no reason for doing this!!!

    The net result is that you have not subjected the fabric to chemical stress by your cleaning process, and to the contrary, you have kept the fabric in a level, stable state which allows for a better finished result – ESPECIALLY when you apply fabric protector as the final step.

    The technical key to superior fabric protection results is to have better bonding to the fiber. Do you not agree?

    If the fiber has been subjected to the chemical stress of up and down pH; and, perhaps because of up and down pH, ends up in an UNEVEN state, How can you then expect it to evenly accept the bonding of the fabric protector?

    Our system insures you that you don’t have pH stress bounce, and that the cleaned fabric, carpet and furniture, will be in a total level state of pH balance ready to be bonded to by the fabric protector in the best possible manner.

    Furthermore, the solvent additive in the Pow-R-Pak Pre-Spray, AND the solvent carrier of the fabric protector, are similar. You are creating no potential negative chemical reactions to mar the performance of the fabric protector.

    I personally believe that the concept of acid side cleaning HAS to be part of your obligation to your customer to provide the best service that you know how to provide.

    This concept WORKS, and works WELL. The use of this system will give you superiority over your competition, in any market place, and will bring to you loads of satisfied customers who call you again and again for your services.

  • What Other Uses Does Pow-R-Pak Have?

    It is absolute dynamite for bonnet cleaning. You should start at a 4 Oz. per gallon dilution for your pre-spray, and then adjust for existing conditions.

    It works great as a Pre-Spray for Dry Foam or Shampoo. Again at 4 Oz. per gallon.

    It works tremendously well as a Furniture Fabric Pre-Spray, or oriental rug pre-spray. Pow-R-Pak is low pH cleaning at its best. Superior, SAFE Cleaning with natural color brightening because of the low pH. Safe for unstable color situations because low pH won’t bleed colors.

    Pow-R-Pak works well as a general spotter for a variety of spotting. Try playing with it straight, and mixed at different dilutions for specific spotting problems. We used it several days ago in my favorite dentist’s office. He occupies a building so old that it has been designated a historical landmark. In the back of the building is a garage that he uses when he comes to work. The garage is almost the age of the building, and the floors (brick) are terribly covered with YEARS of oil, grease, and dirt.

    He had tracked big GOBS of this stuff into his office, behind his desk. We used our pump-up sprayer which was filled with Pow-R-Pak at 3 Oz. per gallon dilution. Sprayed over about 2/3 of the area, we took a WET white towel and removed every trace of assorted mess in about 45 seconds. Even where we did not directly spray, but simply went over with the WET towel, which by this time had Pow-R-Pak on it – with basically no effort, in a matter of seconds, it was DONE!

    Again, our resident scientist guru tells us that this same formula should work extremely well on concrete floors using your truck mount as a pressure sprayer. Pre-spray the floor either with a pump-up or your Hydro-Force, and then use a spray attachment to flush the floor.

    I also believe that a mixed up solution of Pow-R-Pak at 4 Oz. per gallon, and then put into small flip-top cap bottles, makes a tremendous spotter product for your customers to use. One gallon mixed at 4 Oz. per gallon cost you just a little over a dollar for the chemical, thus you will probably pay more for the bottles, than the chemical.

  • Is Pow-R-Pak Safe For Use On Stain Resist Carpet?

    Absolutely. The small amount of solvent is not a factor. Please read my discussion on this question in the Solvent Protector Q & A.

  • How Will Pow-R-Pak Help My Business?

    Pow-R-Pak works fast on a multitude of soiling problems.

    If Time is Money, then Pow-R-Pak will save you wads of time which will translate to more cash in – for a shorter work time.

    Superior results without back-breaking effort.

    Satisfied customers who see the result of your service immediately, and for days after, and tell others about you.

    You want to strive to become the "top of the brain" fabric cleaner in your area. Whenever cleaning comes up in conversation – YOU are the immediate topic of that conversation.

  • You Use The Saying – More Water Works Better. What Exactly Does That Mean, And How Does It Apply To Using Pow-R-Pak?

    One of the great benefits of using Natural Formulated products is their natural tendency to want to be in a moist state. On a cellular basis, in their natural state, this is absolutely necessary to sustain life through their cell action.

    When these Natural products are processed, they are essentially de-hydrated. The cell structure is drastically modified by flattening out, and the cell liquid life-lines are damaged. The cell is in a state of need in order to survive.

    Water is the main ingredient that will bring life actions back to these cells. So when we include these natural ingredients in our cleaning compounds, they are in a state of emergency – trying to survive – actively seeking water.

    They are also flattened out so that it is difficult for them to attach to any other form. More like a pancake, than a volleyball, they are again actively seeking moisture.

    So as you use Pow-R-Pak, you will find through actual application of the product, that it works better with more water. To a point, additional water makes it work better – rather than diluting the action – as you might suspect would happen.

    On carpets, many times, Pow-R-Pak will work more efficiently if you pre-wet soiled areas, you may even want to additionally wet a small area as you work it with your wand. (This applies doubly to the cleaning of Olefin fiber carpets.)

    In some limited extreme soil loads, you may want to pre-wet, treat with Pow-R-Pak solution, extract, re-treat with more Pow-R-Pak solution, and extract a second time.

    Don’t forget, LAYERED soil loads must be removed as layered soils, and one application over an area may not "un-layer" all the soil.

    If you are using a Hydro-Force for your pre-spray applications, the necessary amounts of water are built into the equation that your spray tip formulates.

    It’s also important to remember that you must have sufficient chemical laden molecules to equal the same number of soil molecules for efficient soil removal to occur. The super concentration of Pow-R-Pak will bring you fantastic results with as low a dilution as 2 Oz. per gallon. Super efficient methods with our chemicals create satisfied customers, who call you back, again and again, and are the profitable result of your efforts.

  • So, How About Using Pow-R-Pak On Furniture?

    Pow-R-Pak is low pH which means safety for using on all fabrics – even to the point of wet cleaning "S" couches and chairs. (Please don’t try this until you have gotten the "feel" of Pow-R-Pak.)

    Again, remember that more water is better. Mist pre-wet furniture using a mist orifice sprayer with an acid added to your water. I recommend Steam Services Acetic Acid formula (without any acid smell). Steam Services is located in Fresno, CA and their "Steam Soure™" product is absolutely the best acid side additive available. I have used it for over 20 years, and it still out performs any of the others. We keep it in inventory for your convenience when ordering other of our products or you may certainly order directly from Steam Services.

    After pre-misting, then mist spray your Pow-R-Pak solution onto the fabric. Go over the entire piece to get it working (dwell time). Keep all areas to be cleaned moist so that suspended soils do not re-attach to the fabric before you clean that area.

    You may find that using a hand tool with a flood jet, and taking SLOW strokes will accomplish a great result with minimum effort. It’s worth a try – Right?

    Use your normal cleaning method (extraction, shampoo, towel, etc.) and finish with the application of Solvent Fabric Protector.

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