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Better Bonnet Cleaning with our 2-Part Cleaning System...

HARD BALL Chemical Company's 2 part cleaning system is especially suited to maximizing your results when using the bonnet system.

Pow-R-Pak Pre-Spray and Power Powder Rinsifier form a combination method that is:

  1. SAFE to use. Even using it incorrectly you cannot mess anything up. No rinsing or neutralizing ever necessary.

  2. SIMPLE to use. This program is readily duplicatable by any one - at any level of expertise - with just 5 minutes of instruction for carpet cleaning, 30 minutes for furniture cleaning. You should be able to eliminate several steps you may have been taking.

  3. PROVOCATIVE. You will get immediate, tangible results that will surpass most previous efforts. Your effort will decrease, and you production will increase. Your chemical usage will decrease, and your profits will rise. Your time frames will be shortened, and your labor costs will go down.

  4. PROFITABLE. With the procedure shared here, your chemical costs and labor costs will decrease dramatically. You'll experience higher productivity with a better finished product.

Low pH cleaning is NOT a new concept. I was first exposed to it in 1958, and I know that the concepts had been used for years before then.

When you clean fabrics, your intentions are for complete soil removal. This is accomplished by chemically releasing the soil load from the fabric, putting the soil load into a suspension, and flushing the suspended soil load out of the fabric.

With some chemical activity, it may be necessary to then rinse the fabric to get the last of the residual soil load, and/or to rinse the cleaning agent out of the fabric.

You are all familiar with the cleaning action, and cycles of "doing laundry". What we are trying to do in fabric cleaning is duplicate this action as much as possible.

The following procedure will allow you to "wash and rinse" carpet fabrics using your bonnet system.

  1. Mix 2 Oz. of Pow-R-Pak Pre-Spray per 1 gallon of Hot water. Use in a pump up sprayer. This will be sprayed directly on the carpet.

  2. Mix Oz. or less, of Power Powder per 1 gallon of Hot water, and pour into another pump-up sprayer. This solution will be used both on your bonnet, AND directly on the carpet.

  3. Begin your cleaning by spraying the Pow-R-Pak solution directly on the carpet. Spray the Power Powder solution onto your bonnet - wetting it thoroughly.

  4. Clean the carpet with your normal pattern and procedure.

  5. After cleaning, LIGHTLY spray the carpet with the Power Powder solution, and go back over the carpet with a DRY bonnet.

  6. Do your finishing procedures, and if Fabric Protector is to be applied, apply it at this point.

The results from this simple cleaning procedure will be readily apparent. The finished fabric will have a "like new" appearance with any colorization brightened dramatically.

This procedure, using HARD BALL Chemical Company's Pow-R-Pak and Power Powder optimizes your efforts multiple times over.

The cleaning, and rinsing parallels to laundry system action is readily available even though you are using the bonnet method.

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