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How To Use Pow-R-Pak All Fabric Pre-Spray To Double, Even Triple Your Cleaning Effectiveness When You Are Using Von Schrader™, Duraclean™, Host™, Capture™, Rotary Extraction, & Other "Dry" Methods.

The advantages of using any, or all of the above "Systems" for cleaning is the high level of agitation that they offer you.

The disadvantages of these systems, in general, is the lack of sufficient chemical action to really get the tough stuff and to a certain degree, their inability to "totally remove" the soil load.

Pow-R-Pak All Fabric Pre-Spray will dramatically improve your cleaning ability because of it's unique formulation based on Natural Terpene Solvent action rather than high alkalinity.

Soil loads, in general, are readily attacked and dispatched with any method that you may choose to use. But what about the really "tough" jobs that you may be spending hours on - and still are not getting satisfactory results?

What Makes Cleaning Tough?

The basic soil load itself is generally never the real issue in cleaning fabrics. The real issue is the "binders" that hold the soil load to the fabric.

In laboratory tests, it has been determined that these "binders" make up approximately 10% of the soil load, BUT cause 90% of our cleaning problems.

Binders tend to be greasy, oily, sticky compositions that are highly resistant to our very best efforts.

However, if we can succeed in "breaking" the binders, our cleaning effort produces far better results, with much less effort on our part.

Solvent Action vs. Alkalinity

The generally accepted method of breaking binders is with the use of chemicals that are on the upper side of alkalinity.

The premise being that most soil is acid in nature, and if we clean with an alkaline, we will neutralize the soil load, and make it removable.

Cleaning action based on alkalinity is slow, uncertain, uneven, and in many cases, causes cleaned fabrics to appear to have had the "grungees".

The use of alkaline cleaners, which by design utilize alkaline salts, increases the likelihood of chemical residues, which may of themselves create future resoiling problems.

The solvent action of Pow-R-Pak Pre-Spray is specifically designed to go after the "binders". The "cutting" action is quick and effective.

The emulsifiers and surfactants (no detergent) in Pow-R-Pak are the most sophisticated, and expensive, available today.

Solvent action to penetrate the binders, loosen the soil load. Hi-Tech emulsification for ultimate soil suspension. Non-residual because of solvent base and no detergents.

Making It Work For You…

Utilize your agitation!

Mix Pow-R-Pak at 4 Oz. per gallon of Hot Water, and pre-spray the most heavily soiled areas first.

Agitate these areas with the brushing action that your system utilizes.

RE-SPRAY the ENTIRE area to be cleaned, and then proceed to clean using your normal procedure.

It is not necessary to WAIT for Pow-R-Pak to begin it's action (dwell time). In fact, you are better off to immediately begin agitation, or your normal cleaning procedure - as the solvent action (which is the key) will begin to evaporate away somewhat quickly.

If you are using dry foam methods, we recommend that you just use Pow-R-Pak alone - without the powder booster. Power Powder, in this case only, will cause your foaming elements to be diminished, and you will lose effectiveness, and stability of your foam.

Dry powders and Rotary Extraction such as the Chemstractor™, will find that using Power Powder as a booster will be highly beneficial in many tough cases.

Please refer to bulletin; "Delivering More Power With Pow-R-Pak Pre-Spray…2 part procedural update" for complete instructions when utilizing Power Powder as a booster.

And for those of you who are not aware of some recent innovative tactics with dry foam in particular, it has become fairly standard to use a heated solution when using dry foam.

From personal experience, I also would recommend that you contact Bill Barnes of Just Rite Cleaning Products 800-890-3202. I have personally found his chemicals to be superior to most other dry foam "stuff" in the marketplace.

After giving Bill a free commercial, I will also tell you that he and I do differ somewhat in our cleaning philosophies, but that is part of what makes this business so much fun!


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