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Why Re-Wet Your Customerís Carpet & Furniture After Having Worked So Hard To Dry It Down During The Cleaning Process?

The #1 question that your customer will ask you as you finish up the job is - "How long will it take my carpets or furniture to dry?"

You know, if you have used ANY water-based protectors, that you ADD 4-5 Gallons of water based solution BACK ON your customer’s carpets and / or furniture. This is totally counter-productive to your cleaning effort, as short drying times are critical in producing a better job, and a happy customer.

You also know, if you have run the numbers, that your cost for this water based protector is on the average around 6 cents a square foot. IF you are able to charge the AVERAGE national square foot charge of 10 cents a square foot, you only make 4 cents per square foot. But how many times do we make even the average charge for add-on protector? (And don’t forget those constant plugged sprayers.)

It takes a REAL selling effort to get the AVERAGE cost of 10 cents a square foot from your customer. AND, when you are putting additional water BACK ON THE CARPET OR FURNITURE, this is a doubly hard sale. Remember, Mrs. Customer has just asked you how long will it take the Carpet or Furniture to dry?

Water based protectors, because of their very nature are difficult to sell as an add-on. However, the "big carpet protector manufacturers" have done a great job of "pre-conditioning" your customers towards the use of Fabric Protectors, and you should use this as a basis for your sales effort.

Natural Solvent Fabric Protector will help you make the sale, WITHOUT having to answer why you’re adding water to fabrics that your customer wants dry as quickly as possible. You’ll also be able to enjoy more money in your pocket without having to ask the customer for an additional sale that may be beyond their ability to pay you.

There are 5 key selling points to SOLVENT Fabric Protector:

    1. Solvent-based protectors dry quickly. Our customers tell us over and over that drying times for carpet has gone from many hours to 1 or 2 hours – AT MOST!

    2. Solvent based protectors BOND to the treated fabric better and more quickly. Complete penetration of the fiber – Not just a coating.

    3. Solvent based protectors LEVEL better to provide even coverage over the entire area.

    4. Solvent based protectors are able to "carry" more Fluorochemical wet-dry protection per volume than water based products. This allows you to give your customer the highest level of protection available, yet price in a very competitive manner.

    5. The Clincher: SOLVENT Fabric Protector has a patented Mandarin Orange, Strawberry, Green Apple, or Peach fragrance that enhances the entire application. No unpleasant chemical smell.

You need to try this product. To delay is costing you profits daily!

Your cost for Solvent Fabric Protector when purchased in 5-gallon quantities is only 2 cents per Sq. Ft. applied to carpeting. If your sales price is 10 cents Sq. Ft. your profit is 8 cents a Sq. Ft.

If you treat an average of 1500 Sq. Ft. of carpeting per day at a 10-cent per Sq. Ft. rate, you will realize a $30,000 per year net profit from these sales alone.

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