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Pro Power is a concentrated liquid carpet cleaner that has been designed to replicate the performance characteristics of our Power Powder product. Pro Power is extremely productive on the most difficult cleaning jobs that will be encountered.
  • Pro Power has a pH of 7.0, but it works as a low pH product. The formula contains emulsifiers and natural solvents that produce extremely active cleaning reactions.

  • Pro Power is safe for use on all fabrics, and is extremely active toward added coloring agents in fabrics, such as rust, plant spots, etc. Contains color brightening, agents that are a result of it's component parts, and NOT because of the addition of artificial color brighteners.

  • Pro Power is non-residual, non-allergenic, and attacks both oil based and protein based soiling.

  • Concentrated formula should NOT be over-used. Portable Extractor: 3 - 5 Oz. per 5 gallons of water. For truck mount chemical jugs: 32 Oz. per 5 gallons of water. Meter at 3 - 5.

  • Will not "load up" solution lines or heat exchangers. Actually cleans chemical residue from heat exchangers and other hoses, fittings and nozzles.

  • Very economical to use. Used by itself as a stand-alone product, you will be able to clean all day for slightly more than $6.00 chemical cost. When used with Pow-R-Pak, your combined chemical cost for cleaning all day will be approximately $7.00.

Economical Productive Power that Performs ! ! !

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