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Power R Pak PreSpray Key Benefits
  • A Blend of 35% Synthetic Limonene Solvent and 3 Synergistic emulsifiers, in a Micro-Emulsion to make the product soluble in water. The entire formula is highly water-reactive, and it's total cleaning power is directed toward the soil load and it's indefinite time suspension, for superior soil removal in the extraction cleaning process.

  • Impressive results are attained with ANY method of cleaning: TM Extraction, Portable Extraction, Bonnet Cleaning, Dry Foam Cleaning, Dry Powder Systems, Rotary, Combined Method Systems, etc.

  • Superior cleaning action on all grease, oil, tar, or other grease based soiling including restaurant grease.

  • Low pH of 6.6 makes the use of Pow-R-Pak completely safe for all fabrics. Free Rinsing, Non Residual. Natural color brightening effect because of the blend of chemicals and the low pH level. You will produce phenomenal color recovery results on orientals, braided, and multi-colored furniture fabrics.

  • Super Concentration gives you a low usage cost of 63 cents per gallon at a 3 Oz. per gallon dilution rate. We suggest that you begin with these recommended ratios, and then adjust for your own particular circumstances.

    3 Oz. per gallon of water       Pump Up Sprayer
    20 Oz. + 1 gallon of water       HydroForce™ with yellow tip


  • For carpeting only. To Super Power your solution, add 1-2 Oz. of Power Powder to your 3 Oz. per gallon solution with a pump-up sprayer applicator. Add 2-4 Oz. of Power Powder to your HydroForce solution. When mixed together in this manner, these 2 products form an extremely live, synergistic cleaning action which is very active on any type of soil load.

  • Pow-R-Pak may be used as a potent spotter when you mix it 2 Oz. per quart for use in a trigger sprayer. This dilution rate will work extremely well when sold, or given to customers as a customer use item. If you are using Fabric Protection Guarantees, this dilution ratio with Pow-R-Pak will create a great all-purpose spotter for your guaranteed customers to use as an initial reaction to a spot or spill problem.

  • There is a tendency to want to use higher dilutions of this product for very soiled areas. We advise against using higher dilutions as it tends to "clog up" the system of soil suspension, and removal. It is better for you to double spray these areas with the 3 Oz. per gallon dilution, than it is to raise the dilution ratio. Adding some sort of mechanical action to your cleaning effort will also help in removal of heavily impacted soil load situations. A brush type action is best as it grooves the soil load for better penetration of the chemical.

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