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Solvent Fabric Protector
  • The carrying solvent is A Safe, Natural solvent that has low pH tendencies (notwithstanding the fact that solvents by definition are pH neutral), which makes application safe for all fabrics. Use common sense, and if there is a question of color bleeding, always test first.

  • Completely safe for ALL fabrics - Carpet or Furniture. Will not change the texture, feel, or "hand" of any fabric.

  • Superior bonding to fabrics with a polymer molecular bonding action. The Protector penetrates the fiber, and bonds to the entire fiber with a "chain-lock" type bonding process. Continual abrasive action is the primary factor in loss of coverage. Solvent base allows better leveling, and more even coverage.

  • The application of Protector does not re-wet the fabric. In fact, its application to a wet fabric surface will actually accelerate the drying process. Dramatically enough in most cases so that you can assure your customers that the drying time will be less than 2 hours, even though you wet cleaned their carpeting or furniture.

  • Concentrated with the finest fluorochemical that we can buy. Manufacturer's specifications rate dry and wet soil resistance in the high 90-percentile range. Average coverage for carpet application is 2,000 Sq. Ft. per gallon. On level commercial carpet, 2,500 Sq. Ft. per gallon. On heavy pile residential carpet, you may need to drop to 1,500 - 1,800 Sq. Ft. per gallon. Furniture coverage is approximately 4-6 Oz. for a couch, 2-3 Oz. for a chair, depending upon fabric weight.

  • The Solvent carrier contains a choice of an exclusive Mandarin Orange, Strawberry, Green Apple or Peach fragrance, which covers the chemical smell of the fluorochemical. The fragrance enhances the product greatly for your customers, and makes selling easier.

  • Solvent Fabric Protector should be applied under pressure. You may use a pump-up sprayer equipped with an 800067 Tee Jet tip. Use only about 1 gallon, or less, of protector in the sprayer so that you can keep a high level of constant pressure. Electric sprayers will work extremely well - again equip them with an 80067 Tee Jet tip. Overlapping is NOT necessary. Move quickly and precisely over the fabric to be treated.

  • Furniture fabric should be treated using hand-held sprayers, electric sprayers, or even trigger sprayers. Leave sufficient room in the sprayer so there is enough air space to allow the sprayer to work at top efficiency.

  • Drying time for furniture is 1 hour or less. Drying time for carpeting is 2 hours or less. Use this knowledge as a competitive marketing advantage against the so called "dry" cleaners in your area who promote fast, or no drying times, but arenít cleaning as well as you are!

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