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Thank you for your interest in our products.

The attached product sheets contain both descriptions of the chemicals themselves and detailed use instructions.

Our carpet cleaning system consists of 5 chemicals; Pow-R-Pak Pre Spray, Power Powder Rinsifier, Pro Power, Professional Spotter, Solvent Fabric Protector, and Soil-Blocker Carpet & Fabric Protector.

The cleaning concept that we will teach you comes from over 50 years of successful cleaning. Yes, it is an old concept, but it still works and has application in today’s marketplace.

The chemicals are based upon old concepts, but with modern chemical technology, we have been able to make them perform in dramatic fashion – no matter what cleaning method you may use.

Our business philosophy is simple:

  1. Produce quality chemicals that are time and money saving.

  2. Each chemical must provide you with a variety of uses.

  3. Each chemical must be as concentrated as possible to provide you with cost-efficient work tools.

  4. Each chemical must be safe for you to use on a continuous basis, and environmentally and customer friendly.

  5. The line of chemicals will remain short. We refuse to over-extend our product line for no other reason than to have a big impressive catalog.

  6. It is our responsibility to provide you with on-going training and education for using our chemicals and cleaning methods. It is also our responsibility to aid you in marketing this unique cleaning and protection system to your customers.

  7. We stand Totally behind every product, every procedure, every concept. We are here to help Your business succeed.

HBCC offers products for professional carpet and upholstery cleaners. These products can be used effectively regardless of the cleaning method utilized, such as extraction, portable or truck mount, bonnet, dry foam, rotary shampooing, dry powder, or combined methods.  Click on the product name to view the Product Data Sheet.

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