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Soil Blocker’s Extended Coverage and Value Pricing
Will Increase Your Profits, and Satisfy Your
Customer’s Demand for Quick Drying Times

How Is Soil Blocker Different from Teflon or Scotchgard ?

Profit! Profit! Profit!
Quicker Dry Times
Easier To Use
Smell’s Great
Levels and Attaches Better
“Green” Safe

Profit, Profit, Profit

Soil Blocker is a Guaranteed Quality water based fluorochemical which will give you
3 times the in pocket profit of any of our competitors. Read on to find out how . . .

Lets say you buy Scotchgard or Teflon from a distributor in a 4 gallon case. The average price varies a lot
from company to company, but for the sake of this discussion we’ll say the price is $50.00 per gallon. If you
buy from a local distributor, you’ll be asked to pay sales tax which will average about $3.50 per gallon.
Total price - $53.50 gallon.

You will have 1000 SF coverage with this gallon, so your SF cost will be 5.3 cents.

Compare these costs to 2 gallons of Soil Blocker, which in volume purchasing will cost you the same $50.00.
But without Sales Tax, or shipping charges.

Because you get 1500 SF of coverage per gallon with Soil Blocker, you will be able to cover 3 times the area
(3000 SF) for the same investment of $50.00. And, your SF cost will be 1.7 cents per SF. 68% LOWER than
your cost of Scotchgard or Teflon.

However, because you TRIPLE the coverage area when you use Soil Blocker, Your actual PROFIT increases
dramatically. Lets pick a sale price of 15 cents per SF to demonstrate.

1000 SF of Teflon or Scotchgard @ .15 = $150.00 - $53.50 = $96.50 profit per 1 Gallon at $53.50 per gallon.
3000 SF of Soil Blocker @ .15 = $450.00 - $50.00 = $400.00 profit per 2 gallons at $25.00 per gallon.

For the same $50.00 investment, you TRIPLE your profits with Soil Blocker - and put over $300.00 Extra dollars in your pocket.
To put it another way, If you’re not using Soil Blocker, you are LOSING $300.00 of profit on EVERY
gallon of competitive product you buy.

Our Customers Speak . . . ( part 1 )

Nov. 15, 2004 Master Care Corporation
Mike Vernon 99 Franklin St.
Hard Ball Chemical Co. Norwich, CT 06360


“As you know, we have 4 truck mounts, and we have been using both your
water based and solvent based protector for over 2 years. Prior to that, we
were using the “national” brands.

Your product performs better than those products and is much easier to use.
First of all, there is no mixing with either protector. We simply put it into our
electric sprayer, and we are ready to go. It saves me time, and I appreciate that.

Also, the application rate is tremendous. On carpet, we easily average 1200 to
1500 S.F. per RTU gallon. So I can carry 2-3 gallons per day on a truck and
never worry about running out.

We also did our own side-by-side test of your product and the two “national”
brands. Your product was superior to either of the other two. It had faster
drying time and better repellency.

We have never had a complaint from any of our customers when we used your
protectors, either on carpet or upholstery. Because of this, we will soon be
offering a 6-month money back guarantee on any carpet we apply your protector
to. If the carpet is stained and we can’t get the spot out, we will refund their
money for applying the protector.

Great price, great product, great service. Mike, that’s as good as it gets. Please
feel free to have anyone you like call me direct if they want to know how
well your protectors work.

Dan Mabesoone, V.P.
Master Care Corporation

Quicker Dry Times

The key factor when we began to make Soil Blocker was that we had to eliminate

the re-wetting of the carpet when water based protector was applied.

Competitive products were advising 1 gallon of mixed protector for every 200 S.F. This means that you were applying 5 gallons of water back on to 1000 S.F. of just cleaned carpet. From experience, we all know that dry times were stretched into 7 - 10 hours - instead of an acceptable 2 hours.

This was inconvenient for the home owner, AND - opened the door for complaints.

We simply could not justify manufacturing just another “me too” protector, when we knew that one of the big things carpet cleaning customer’s wanted was to be able to almost immediately use the cleaned areas.

In 1999, after 3 years of searching, we learned about a patented process of manufacturing that would allow a high solids water based fluoropolymer protector to be applied without having to use large amounts of water
during the application process.

By utilizing the existing moisture in the just cleaned carpet, you could apply this product with a high solids content - as easily as you could solvent based protectors. And, have it cover and level just as well also.

So, instead of 5 gallons of water and product per 1000 S.F., you only use 2 2/3 Quarts of water and product
per 1000 S.F.

You can tell your customers that the dry time will NOT be effected when you apply Soil Blocker as your
protector of choice. The carpet will dry in the same time as if no protector were applied - or a competitive product were applied.

Easier To Use

Beside the dry time issue, this also produced some important side benefits for you as Soil Blocker is a ready-to-use product . . .

No Mixing . . .

Return the un-used portion to the original container . . .

Correct mixture for every job . . .

Employee fool-proof

The high solid content of Soil Blocker means that you are able to protect carpet fibers with a
more concentrated product because you are not diluting the concentrate down.

This does mean that the application process becomes more critical, and we highly recommend the use of a
power sprayer which can use a 8001 tip.

We have found the Multi-Sprayer to be the perfect tool for correct Soil Blocker application.
The rechargeable battery powered TC2 model is excellent for use with Soil Blocker - and, is readily adaptable
to be used for a variety of other chemical applications you might want to do.

Later on, I will tell you how to save $113.00 off the current suggested retail of a TC2 Multi-Sprayer when
you buy it in a package with Soil Blocker. Or, save $100.00 off the M2 Electric M-S purchased in a package.

Our Customers Speak . . . (part 2)

Sci-Clean Carpet & Upholstery Care
110 E Main St
Brighton, MI 48166


Hi Mike,

“ I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoy Soil Blocker &
dealing with Hardball ! Our customers rave about our spill
warranty & the only reason we can offer the program is because
of our confidence in Soil Blocker !
Thanks again for all your help, friendliness & GREAT products !”


Scott Rendall

The Sizzle - “Smells Great”

Not too long ago, I was waiting in the Dr.’s office for an exam. While waiting, I usually look at the women’s magazines just to see what, and how, women are being sold to - by the big advertisers who have lots of money to spend on their ads.

In one of the magazines, I came across a 3 page advertisement by the Clorox company. It was so good, I actually did a no-no and ripped it out of the magazine. The insert covered a variety of their products - and included a chance for a free trip to Hawaii.

This was in the format of a magazine info-commercial, so it used one page for words - and the page directly across from the words for pictures.

On the picture page for Pine-Sol, Clorox used the tag line:
“The Power of Pine-Sol. The Smell of Clean”
Now, Listen to what David Matz, General Manager
of the Clorox Home Care Division has to say:

“Clean means different things to different people.
We’ve been adding more scented products because
a lot of people want a room to smell clean.
But while some people love the fresh pine smell
of traditional Pine-Sol Cleaner, others want a
lighter scent. They prefer our new Meadow
Fresh Pine-Sol or Lemon Fresh Pine-Sol.
This is one example of how Clorox is keeping
up with what people want.”

“ It smells so clean” is a part of every women’s vocabulary.

Women want a carpet to “smell clean”.

And since we deal primarily with women in the residential carpet
cleaning arena, we need to answer this want.

Over the years we have added a “sizzle” to our protection products by adding fragrances. We also recognize
that many of your customers may not want a fragrance, so both of our protectors are available without fragrance.

The current fragrances for Soil Blocker are: Lemon, Peach, Razzberry, Apple, Orange,
Vanilla-Coconut, and 2 new fragrances: Spring Fresh, and Naturally Neutral.

Our fragrances are developed for us by a company in Georgia which is operated by women. They make
these fragrances from real oils - and they are very light, pleasant, and realistic.
They last just long enough to make the fragrance “point” - and then they are gone.

You can use this “sizzle” feature to increase your customer’s acceptability to a protector sale.

Our Customers Speak . . .( part 3 )

Carpet Pro Cleaning Services
P.O. Box 695
Plover, WI 54467

Dear Mike,

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help over
the last 4 or 5 years. We love your products, especially Pow-R-Pak and the
Solvent Fabric Protector. Its great to have a pre-spray that the techs can use
for everything.

The solvent based protector does what you say - it dries the carpet faster
along with being a great protector.

Thanks again Mike for all your help and willingness to share your
extensive experience - especially the time you take when we have questions.
Great to have you a “partner” in our business.”

Darren Darner, Owner

Levels and Attaches Better

The formulation of Soil Blocker is technically designed to level and cover carpet fibers even if you don’t rake it in. In lab tests, we have seen Soil Blocker move sideways across damp carpet as much as 2 inches. Obviously, there are many variables involved in whether Soil Blocker will always do this - so I’ll take the lower road and tell you that it moves 1 inch.

This feature allows you some latitude in application and whether you “finish” your job by raking or brushing the carpet.

An even more important technical feature of Soil Blocker is its ability to tenaciously attach to carpet fibers. Most competitive products simply lay up against a fiber - and kind of cover the fiber somewhat like slipping an envelope over it.

Soil Blocker attaches to the fiber - and inter links with the fiber much like Velcro works. This is important for your customer to understand because it means better, and longer lasting, overall coverage for their carpet.

The high solids attachment of Soil Blocker also means that your customer receives a higher level of repellency. Not just for liquids, but also for dry soils and oily spills.

How Safe Is Soil Blocker?

Safe enough to be labeled a “Green Product” - IF we had the money to put it to all the testing to achieve this designation. We are a small company, and frankly we don’t have the $25,000 to $50,000 to achieve the green label.

But we do know that Soil Blocker has absolutely NO ingredients that are in any way harmful to man, animals, or the earth. Your customers need to be made aware of this fact because every so often, we get a spurt of news about “another issue” with our well known competitors - Teflon and Scotchgard.

News of this type tends to paint all of us into the same corner - and makes it difficult for those of us who are doing our best to bring you - and your customers - safe products.

The Application Process is Extremely Important . . .

In order for all of the above things to occur right for you, I need to again tell you that the correct application of Soil Blocker will determine your getting the 1500 SF per gallon coverage - AND, making the profits as quoted.

Any kind of sprayer will work for you, but the absolute best are powered sprayers of some type that can use a 8001 tip.

Until you get used to a power sprayer, it would be a good idea to calculate the actual square footage to be covered - and then put the appropriate amount of Soil Blocker in your sprayer - and apply until all the product is gone out of the sprayer.

You will want to keep the spray tip below your knee, and move over the area quickly. Try to cover the carpet with enough product to make the carpet “glisten” evenly.

One of the things I like to do is to go over the entire area to be protected real quick - and then if there is product left in the sprayer - go back over the heavy traffic areas - or around highly used furniture with the rest of the product until it is all gone.

The Multi-Sprayer for Application of Soil Blocker . . .

I have been involved with sprayers way more than I want to talk about. Most of my experience with them has been very negative. However, I can talk to you about Multi-Sprayers with tremendous confidence.

Gene Moening has been building Multi-Sprayers for 17 years, and he is absolutely fanatical about producing a top quality product.( Complete sprayer specs may be seen:

From a stainless steel extension wand - to Viton everywhere including the pump, trigger, and quick connects.
A lifetime guaranteed outer case. Drip free tips. Gene produces QUALITY.

I personally like a battery powered sprayer. But I am finding that many of you like the electric model because it is not as involved technically - and, that makes it almost totally trouble-free.

When I talk to you over the phone, I will tell you that once you start using a battery powered, or plug in electric sprayer, you’ll never go back. I call it the power sprayer cocaine habit.

So, in the package I’ll talk about in a moment, the Multi-Sprayer included in the first package will be the TC2 battery powered, rechargeable in your van, Multi-Sprayer.

Both the battery powered and the electric powered sprayers will be set up with one 8001 tip, and one 5001 tip. The 8001 tip will be on the extension wand for carpet protection. The 5001 tip fits directly on the trigger for furniture protection. These are set up with quick connects so that they can be interchanged quickly and easily.

The tips are T-jet style, and can be changed easily if you need a bigger size tip to use the sprayer for other chemical applications such as pre-spraying. The sprayer accommodates both water and solvent products - so almost anything can be sprayed through it.

Hard Ball Chemical Co. provides either of our protectors in the convenient, reusable 2 gallon jugs that fit right into the case. All you do is take off the cap - put the jug in the sprayer case - and Gooo.

And, if you want to change chemicals. Take out the jug you are using - put a cap on it, insert the new jug - and you are immediately ready to go with an alternate chemical.

Now, Lets Save You Some Money - And Make You Some Money . . .

The first package consists of a TC2 battery powered, rechargeable Multi-Sprayer equipped with everything except the wheeled cart that Gene offers. The current retail for the TC2 sprayer is $472.00. As a part of our package, you pay only $359.00 for the sprayer.

As an alternate choice, you could choose the Electric M2 sprayer which retails for $369.00. As a part of our package, your price would be $269.00 for the sprayer.

The second part of the package is Soil Blocker protector. If you purchase a minimum of 8 gallons of Soil Blocker, you will be able to purchase either sprayer at their respective discount prices.

And, I’ll sell the Soil Blocker to you for a one time price of $24.00 per gallon. That’s a savings of $11.00 per gallon off the regular one gallon price of $35.00. (Total savings for this part is $88.00.)

I’ll also pay the shipping - and, you won’t pay sales tax either. (Total savings for this part is $91.32.)

The total package price for 8 gallons of Soil Blocker - and the battery powered TC2 Multi-Sprayer is $547.00. You save a total of $292.32 for this package.

The total package price for 8 gallons of Soil Blocker - and the electric plug in M2 Multi-Sprayer is $457.00. You save $279.32 for this package.

When you sell the Soil Blocker for a reasonable figure of 15 cents per S.F. - and get 1500 S.F. per gallon coverage - your gross sales will be $1800.00.

Take away the cost of the package which includes the TC2 battery sprayer - $547.00.
Your NET PROFIT if you purchase this package will be $1249.00.
Take away the cost of the package which includes the M2 electric sprayer - $461.00
Your Net Profit if you purchase the electric sprayer package will be $1339.00.

And, you’ll have a brand new Multi-Sprayer to continue using every day ! ! !

Also remember that you make $300 MORE PROFIT per $50.00 investment in 2 gallons of Soil Blocker.
You make LESS than $100.00 per $50.00 Gallon cost of Scotchgard or Teflon.

By NOT using Soil Blocker you are costing yourself $300.00 profit every time you apply a gallon of their product. So, to delay making a purchase move is costing you BIG MONEY.

But Mike you’re saying - How do I sell 9 out of 10 customers protector? And make that kind of money?

Glad you asked because I have you covered.

With either package purchase, I’ll provide you with 2 complete reports that will show you how easy it is to get your customers to purchase protector for carpet OR upholstery.

NO SELLING ! You condition them to want to buy. 10 pages of no BS help for you to make money with protector sales. Not just a couple of deals a week, but 9 out of every 10 jobs you do.

FREE with your purchase. And, call me anytime for my personal help and coaching to get you to the top !

Everything in both packages has my personal guarantee of your satisfaction. I’m well known in our industry for being a “straight shooter”. And, I’m an experienced 40+ year veteran of carpet cleaning. Nuff said.

Soil blocker order form

O.K. Mike, I’m ready to order your combination special of 8 gallons of Soil Blocker packed in 2 gallon Multi-Sprayer Re-useable jugs. And a TC2 battery Multi-Sprayer. The package price is $547.00 complete.
I understand there will be no charge for sales tax or shipping

My fragrance choice for Soil Blocker: ___No Fragrance___Lemon___Van-Coconut___Orange___Peach
___Razzberry___Apple___Spring Fresh___Naturally Neutral

I would rather purchase the M2 Electric Plug in Multi-Sprayer and 8 gallons of Soil Blocker packaged in
the 2 gal. Multi-Sprayer jugs. This package is $457.00 complete.
I understand no charge for tax or shipping.

I want to pass on either sprayer package, but I would like to order _____ gallons ( minimum 8 gal.) of Soil Blocker at a one time introductory price of $24.00 gallon. No shipping charge or sales tax.
____8 Gls. $192.00 ____12 Gls. $288.00 ____16 Gls. $384.00 ____20 Gls. $480.00


CREDIT CARD # ____________________________________________________________________EXP. DATE_____________


COMPANY NAME__________________________________________________________________________________________

SHIPPING ADDRESS________________________________________________________________________________________

MAILING ADDRESS IF DIFFERENT___________________________________________________________________________




If you process this order through our web site, please write “CALL” on the credit card # line. I will call for CC#.

Toll Free - 1-888-261-3103 Or Print this form out and Fax to: 217-735-4626
E-mail Mike at:
Mail to: HBCC P.O. Box 306 Lincoln, IL 62656-0306

Any Questions Call Mike Midwest Time 9:00 to 4:00 Mon - Fri. for live answer.
Leave a Voice Mail Anytime 1-888-261-3103

Thank You . . .

Mike Vernon Hard Ball Chemical Co.

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